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AFFINITY designer live pattern template 5000px sqUare

Always hoped you could see how your pattern repeats and looks as you create it in Affinity designer. With my template you can work on your 5000px square artboard and you will have a live pattern beside your art how it will look

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All Colour palettes available to buy and download on my Etsy Store

Sweet Latte

Based off the colours of cute sweet drinks you see and want to try

Bright Tones

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A range of beautiful bright colours to give a pop to a artwork or a wonderful message about equality

Valentine’s Day

Need a pop of colour for your Valentine’s Day artworks and calligraphy. I have created a lovely range of colours from red roses to yummy chocolate

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Australian Christmas

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Based off the colours of our summer Christmas from the sand to the beautiful blue skies to the red of the cherries on our desserts

Winter Wonderland

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Based off colours of American and European festive Christmas season. Warm fire to keep warm with your family, green big pine trees outside and so much snow covering the landscapes as you connect with your love ones and think of what you are thankful for

Woodland Dreaming

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Based off the colours of our green lush forrests and valleys, the bright sun, our red vivid earth and the flowing rivers. Many beautiful mythical artworks can be created using this one

Palm Tree Oasis

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Based off the my love of all the boho abstract styles at the moment. Gentle tones which will make amazing statements in your artworks

Purple Paradise

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Based off the my love of Purple which is my favourite colour. I wanted to put a range not just purple but a pinky type purple and a blue if you wanted to mix them for more types of purple.