Welcome to my portfolio. I love to create bright coloured designs using Illustrator, Procreate, Affinity & painting Watercolour. If you want to license any of my artworks or have a vision for your business please contact below

Bellarine Jam – Cumquats & Chamomile Limited edition

Designed the jam label, social media posts & A5 flavour note for a Victorian Business Bellarine Jams based in Queencliff for their limited edition flavour Cumquats & Chamomile. The Cumquats was harvested from her aunty & uncles farm


Christmas Gallah paVlova

Collaboration with The Everydae Melbourne which send out boxes of goodies for Christmas 2020. They had a design competition for a Australian themes Christmas design so i designed of my favourite birds Gallahs, Eucalyptus leaves and Pavlova which is a Australian / New Zealand cake of meringue, cream and topped with fresh foods and Sometimes Nuts or Chocolate. I was winner and it was really great to help me get my custom built computer which i now use

If you’re interested in licensing with me or would like to collaborate on a project, please contact me