Lauren is a young, self-taught Artist, Surface Pattern Designer and Professional Photographer from the Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia.

For as long as she can remember, Lauren has always been a creative person; enjoying painting, drawing her pet chooks and horses, and taking photos around her five acre family home of the abundant wild birds and plant life. Lauren has also been a keen crocheter and knitter since she was a child.

Lauren’s digital art journey began in High School. But, in Year 11, she decided to drop her visual arts class because she didn’t connect with the content being taught and she knew that her creative talents and particular artist style could be nurtured through other avenues.

So, Lauren decided to seek free art lessons online and she slowly started to create digital artworks by successfully learning to use Adobe Fireworks CS6. With just the use of the touch pad of her school laptop, she created
anime digital artworks from her various favourite series.

Since graduating from High School, Lauren firstly created her art pieces in a drawing program called Krita with a graphic tablet and her first laptop. This gave her ambition to create more digital art and soon she was successfully uploading her art to Redbubble, where she now has a global online market place via her online shop.

Today, Lauren uses Procreate, Affinity Designer and Photoshop to create original art on her iPad Pro 2018 and a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium graphic tablet.

Check out Lauren’s Redbubble Shop at this link: